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Savage 5-in-1 Photo Reflector (43″)


  • Collapsible, Reversible
  • Gold, Silver, Black, White, Translucent
  • Includes Storage Bag


This 43″ Savage 5-in-1 Photo Reflector is an easy way to soften contrast or add warm or cool tones to your subject. The reflector is built around a metal frame with white translucent material that allows you to soften harsh illumination like overhead sunlight or direct flash. The gold/silver side of the reversible sleeve gives you warm or cool reflected light to reduce the blue cast in open shade or conversely, produce a late afternoon effect.

The white/black side of the slip cover provides soft, neutral fill light on the white side or “negative reflection” on the black side to strengthen shadows and contrast or create a lighting ratio on a flat, overcast day. The reflector folds down to approximately 1/3 its open size and stores in the included carrying bag.