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41.3-inch Collapsible 5-in-1 Light Reflector Disc



A light reflector is one the most effective, and least expensive, pieces of gear you can add to your photo kit. Reflectors allow you to subtly adjust the lighting on your subject, adding or removing shadows, adding or removing color or tone, or just diffusing strong sunlight or lamps.

This reflector features five different surfaces, which provide different benefits in different circumstances:

    • Silver: The silver side of the reflector provides a strong light reflection, making it well-suited to use in low-light situations or to provide a lighting enhancement when the reflector must be positioned further from the subject than ordinary.


    • Gold: The gold side of the reflector provides a strong, warm light most suitable for eliminating shadows in “warm light” conditions, such as at sunset or when the subject has a strong “autumn” coloration.


    • White: The white side of the reflector provides a soft, clean lighting that is suitable for use in the studio or in bright outdoor conditions.


    • Black: The black side of the reflector is more of an “anti-reflector” or “flag”. When used next to a subject it can absorb light, creating shadows and definition.


  • Translucent: The translucent center core of the reflector is intended as a light diffuser. As such it is placed between the light source and the subject to reduce the intensity of the light.

The reflector is made with a durable steel frame, which can be collapsed down to about 1/3 its full size. The translucent reflector core is contained in a zippered outer pocket, which includes the other four surfaces. By default the silver and black sides are exposed. Reversing the pocket reveals the white and gold sides.

The reflector comes in a zippered nylon carry/storage pouch measuring about 16″ in diameter.