BEIKE BK-45 Gimbal Tripod Head for Heavy Camera Telephoto Lens with 360 Degree Quick Release Plate

Quick Overview


  • 1.Max holding weight up to 8KG, steadier than traditional tripod head.
  • 2.Widely used on wild animals shoots, exotic birds shoots, wonderful sport game shoots etc.
  • 3.Allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and Malthus easily manipulate very large lenses.
  • 4.The clamp with quick release of this gimbal head could be moved up or down through adjusting the vertical balance adjustment lever.
  • 5.The base mount could be rotate 360°by loosening the panning lock knob in counter-clockwise direction.



Casted with high quality aluminum alloy, processed under strict tests,
loading up to 8KG, steadier than traditional tripod head.
Specialized tripod head for heavy telephoto lenses camera.
Base mount with 360 degree dial for level, suitable for panorama shooting.
Vertical balance adjustment knob to adjust the quick release plate vertically.
Tilt knob enables the quick release plate adjustable vertically for 360 degree.
Built-in compass for orientation when shooting outside.
Universal quick release plate with secured clip, double securing camera from accident
dropping, compatible with international quick release plate.

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