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OP/TECH USA 18″ Rainsleeve


  • For Camera with Lens up to 18″ Long
  • Protects from Dust and Bad Weather
  • Controls are Easily Visible
  • Drawstring Lens Opening
  • Set of 2


The OP/TECH USA 18″ Rainsleeve (Set of 2) is a polyethylene sleeve made to protect an SLR camera with a lens up 7.0″ in diameter and 18″ in length. The sleeve protects the gear from dust and inclement weather. It is designed for handheld use or tripod application. It has a unique eyepiece opening adapts to most viewfinders for viewing through the lens. Camera & lens controls are easily visible and operable through the sleeve. Drawstring lens opening offers easy access and a snug fit. There are two Rainsleeves included.