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RØDE Dead Kitten Artificial Fur Wind Shield


Furry High-Wind Microphone Cover
Minimizes Wind Noise
Remains Acoustically Transparent
Compatible with Stereo VideoMic
Compatible with Stereo VideoMic Pro
Compatible with Rode NT4 & WS4

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The Rode Dead Kitten Artificial Fur Wind Shield is designed for use with the Rode Stereo VideoMic, Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro, Rode WS4 and Rode NT4 microphone. It’s specially designed with artificial fur that minimizes wind noise, while also remaining acoustically transparent. The Dead Kitten is actually the exact wind shield included with the Stereo VideoMic and it’s designed to suppress noise caused by high-wind while outdoors.

The Dead Kitten wind shield is designed for minimizing any wind noise when using a microphone in high-wind conditions

The artificial fur is specially designed to minimize wind noise while also remaining acoustically transparent

Compatible with the Rode NT4, Rode WS4, Rode Stereo VideoMic and Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro