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Savage 36×48 5-in-1 Reflector RF5-13678



  • Gold, Silver, Black, White, Translucent
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This 36 x 48″ Savage 5-in-1 Photo Reflector is an easy way to soften contrast or add warm or cool tones to your subject. The rectangular reflector’s large surface area is ideal for groups or full length portraiture. It’s built around a metal frame with white translucent material that allows you to soften harsh illumination like overhead sunlight or direct flash. The gold/silver side of the reversible sleeve gives you warm or cool reflected light to balance warm the blue cast in open shade or conversely, produce a late afternoon effect.

The white/black side of the slip cover provides soft, neutral fill light on the white side or “negative reflection” on the black side to strengthen shadows and contrast or create a lighting ratio on a flat, overcast day. The reflector folds down to approximately 1/3 its open size and stores in the included carrying bag.