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Sirui C-10x Ball Head


Arca-style Quick Release Plate
Tension Control
Separate Panning Lock
Load Capacity 33lbs / 14.96kg
Height 3.3″ (83.82 mm)
Weight 0.44lbs / 0.19kg

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Comes with one TY-C10 Arca style plate.

The Sirui C-10x Ball Head is an extremely sturdy head with separate control knobs for pan, tilt and tension, plus an Arca style clamp for the included quick-release plate. The head tilts 90deg. for portrait orientation and the quick-release plate features two pop-up pins that prevent camera twist when it’s tilted 90deg. There’s also a video pin on the plate to keep camcorders from twisting.

The ball locking of the C-10x head is extremely strong thanks to the double-bevel locking system, which helps yield a high load capacity of 33 lb. The quick-release clamp features a secondary release button that prevents any inadvertent disengagement of the camera/plate from the clamp, thereby adding to the head’s overall security and stability.

The three separate controls allow a photographer to exercise extremely fine control over the orientation of the camera, whether it’s a DSLR, medium-format camera or a camcorder. Pan, for instance, can be adjusted while the tilt stays locked, enabling precise movement that’s measurable – there are degree markers at the panning base for panoramic photography.

The C-10x is CNC machined from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and anodized with an oxidation treatment that ensures a durable, high-quality finish.

Sirui C-10x Features

  • Each assembled component of Sirui Ball Heads is produced by CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) – the ultimate in precision manufacturing techniques
  • Sirui ball heads are made of aviation quality aluminum alloy 7075-T6 and 6067-T6 for long life and maximum strength
  • Sirui uses a special manufacturing technique that produces the support ball with tolerances to within 0.01 mm of a perfect sphere. This uncompromising precision guarantees superior performance and smooth operation for any type of 35 mm DLSR, medium or large format camera system
  • The interior locking system in Sirui Ball Heads uses SIRUI designed double bevel locks for superior locking performance and reliability. Most ball heads only use a single, less efficient interior locking system
  • The patented safety lock design of Sirui quick release plates effectively prevents the camera from accidentally sliding off of the ball head. Although most brands of Arca-style quick release plates can be used on Sirui ball heads, the safety lock feature is limited to Sirui plates
  • All Sirui products undergo a special anodized surface treatment that makes all metal surfaces highly resistant to wear and increases durability and weather resistance. Anodizing is an environmentally safe electrochemical process