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Think Tank Photo Modular Component Set V2.0 (Black)


  • Four Piece Set
  • Rotate/Lock Components to Optional Belt
  • Attaches to Any Think Tank Belt or Pack
  • Wide Mouth Opening
  • Storage Pockets for Lens Caps
  • Mid-Weight Padding
  • Loops for Optional Keep-It-Up Strap
  • Configure to Suit Your Shooting Needs
  • Rain Cover
  • Lifetime Warranty Against Defects
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The black Modular Component Set V2.0 from Think Tank is a complete system for the shooter who wants his gear stored in an organized, accessible fashion. The four pieces that make up this set all fit within a travel pouch with a handy top grab handle.

The system comes with two lens changers, strobe carrier and a multiple use pouch that can hold a pro DSLR without lens. Together, they make up a system that will get you through anything from a wedding to a nature shoot. There are pockets for lens caps and accessories and each component features a secure closure. They’re all mid-weight padded with attachment loops for the optional Keep-It-Up Shoulder Strap. It will also attach to any Think Tank belt or belt pack. The padding provides protection for your gear.

The system makes use of Think Tank’s “Rotate or Lock” technology that enables you to place the various components anywhere on your optional Think Tank belt or belt pack. In this way, you can arrange the various pieces so that they won’t interfere with your shooting style – standing, kneeling or prone.

A rain cover is included for maximum protection from the elements. It’s all backed by Think Tank’s lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

A four piece modular component set designed for a DSLR user with 2-4 lenses and fits into a travel bag
Components are padded for extra protection
Rotate or Lock technology permits you to adjust the components to be positioned to suit your shooting stance whether standing, kneeling or prone
Each Lens Changer has a front stretch pocket for lens caps
Attaches to any optional Think Tank Photo belt
Wide mouth openings for quick access
Includes large travel pouch
All Pouches and Lens Changers Include
Pockets for lens caps and accessories
Secure closure to keep your gear in place
Removable seam-sealed rain cover
Top Handle
Mid-weight padding to protect your gear
Attachment loops for the Keep-It-Up shoulder strap
Lens Changer 50 V2.0 – Sized for both wide angle and standard professional zoom lenses
LC 75 Pop Down V2.0 – Carries a 70-200mm f/2.8 or 100-400mm f/4 with the lens hood reversed or in position
Strobe Stuff – Large enough to accommodate a Canon 580EX II or SB-900 with an external battery pack and diffuser attached
Speed Changer V2.0 – Multiple use pouch that can fit a pro-sized camera body (lens not attached) with room for accessories. Can also be configured with the included dividers to carry small telephoto lenses, teleconverters, RF Transceivers, or pro-size batteries