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Wireless RF Rel f/Nikon D600-D3100


RPS RF Wireless Remote Release
f/Nikon D90 DLSR
• Omni-directional
• Range of over 100 feet
• 16 channels (User Selectable)
• Two position switch
– Touch lightly to prefocus
– Continue pressing to release shutter
* LED confirmation lights

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Eliminates the need for a cable release. Allows the camera to be fired from a
distance up to 100 ft. uses RF (radio frequency) signals, not line-of-sight like
infrared. Designed to fit specific cameras. Transmitter has a 2 position
switch…press lightly for prefocusing, and then continue pressing to release
the shutter. LED lights indicate prefocus and exposure. May be used on up
to 16 channels…user settable.