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Phottix Luna Folding Octa Softbox (43″)


  • Soft, Flattering Lighting
  • Interchangeable Speed Rings
  • For Use with Variety of Studio Strobes
  • White Fiberglass Internal Supports
  • Easier Setup Than Traditional Octa
  • Rapid Breakdown
  • Carrying Bag Included
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Create soft, flattering light for your next photo shoot with this 43″ Luna Folding Octa Softbox from Phottix. Interchangeable speed rings allow you the flexibility to use this modifier with more than one specific type of studio strobe. White fiberglass internal supports and high-temperature softbox material provide clean, even light over your subject. Because there are no separate rods, this octa softbox sets up quickly and ensures a rapid breakdown. An included carrying bag allows for easy and safe transport or storage when you are using an alternative light source.