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Dot Line HDSLR Stabilizer Rig with Viewfinder


  • For Cameras up to 3 Pounds
  • Entry Level HDSLR Stabilization Rig
  • Compatible with 15mm Accessories
  • Built-in LCD Magnifying Loupe
  • 1/4″-20 Camera Tie Down Screw
  • Right or Left-Handed Configuration
  • Adjustable Camera Platform Height
  • Adjustable Rubber Handgrip
  • Adjustable Shoulder Stock
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Dot Line’s HDSLR Stabilizer Rig with Viewfinder supports cameras weighing up to 3 pounds and is aimed toward entry level HDSLR video shooters. The rig is compatible with available industry standard 15 mm rod system accessories that can be added to the rig as needed. The rig also features an LCD magnifying loupe for the HDSLR view screen. The magnifying loupe is both vertically and horizontally adjustable to accommodate different cameras. The rig includes a captive 1/4″-20 camera tie down screw which stays in the camera platform, so you don’t have to worry about losing the tie-down when removing your camera.

This rig’s design allows it to be easily adjusted for use by different users. The handgrip can be oriented for right or left-handed use and can be angled for user comfort. Adjusting the height of the camera on the rig is as simple as loosening a lever, setting the new height and locking the lever. Adjustments to the shoulder stock length are also lever controlled, while the shoulder stock’s 180° range of motion is secured by a hand sized knob. These adjustments combined with the rigs other multiple adjustment points allow the user to adjust the rig for optimal balance, comfort and use.

Compatible with 15mm rod system accessories allows for expansion and adding additional accessories
The LCD viewfinder loupe provides 2x magnification and adjusts 0.75″ vertically and 1.375″ horizontally to align with your HDSLR of choice
The camera height can be adjusted from 0.5 to 5 inches of rise
The rig can be configured for right or left-handed use
Multiple adjustment points allow for easy adjustment for user comfort and camera stability